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Clear Backpacks, a security solution after many gun violence crimes in schools.

Keeping our kids safe and feel more secure!

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Ideal for everyday use, our clear backpack features heavy-duty clear PVC plastic that’s both completely transparent and weather resistant. Which helps keep all inside materials dry and safe from all weather conditions. Won't crack under extreme cold temperatures.

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Clear, Strong, Affordable


I purchased this for travel. The time between flights has gotten shorter and having to wait at the ramp for my "carryon" bag was getting to be a problem. This holds everything I had in the carryon bag and always makes it on the plane!!!! Highly recommended


This bag is great, I use it for everything and it's the perfect size. Not too big, not too small, and it it comfortable to wear. A backpack is so much more convenient, I have both of my arms free and I don't have to constantly struggle to keep it on my shoulder. 


Overall excellent bag. Holds my laptop, few accessories such as charging cable, mouse, etc., running shorts, shirt, socks, small 8oz water bottle, small notebook, iPad mini, and a few other small items; and size 10 running shoes in bottom compartment. Meets my needs and would highly recommend.